our values

We believe great development is rooted in integrity.

Relationships Built on Trust and Respect
Your satisfaction is the true measure of our success. As we weigh our financial and development decisions, we take each BOLT stakeholder into account – creating a culture of honesty and inclusivity.

Craftsmanship Enamored with Detail
We consistently shape each project into a home that reflects the pride, quality, and precision of our construction practices – giving you a living space that creates a lasting impression.

Quality Driven by Control
We leverage our deep experience in large-scale project management to deploy project controls that create transparent schedules, cost analysis, and risk mitigation – and we do it with a consistent focus on maximizing potential.

our story

The path to BOLT’s formation was laid with an intentional balance of study and experiential learning, leading to a unique depth of perspective on the complexities of real estate development – and on the tools needed to navigate them.

As so many of us experience, a willingness to fall is often what allows us to reach great heights. Long before our launch, we set out to methodically master the structures, procedures, and processes we would need in order to launch our vision. We were vulnerable. We stumbled. We asked questions. But above all, we pushed forward with steadfast determination, always focused on one vital element – quality.

Our path began by studying the financial modeling process and the cornerstones of relationship building. We transitioned into small business to acquire critical skills in procedure development, operational accounting, and team leadership. We then grew into managing large-scale construction projects to master the implementation of strict project control measures. And we continuously nurtured partnerships to build a holistic team of expert support.

It was then that BOLT was ready to be formed – grounded in precise execution and a people-centric approach. We officially launched in 2016, and today we connect with buyers that seek stylish craftsmanship they can trust and luxury they can feel. Partners that thrive when working alongside a responsible developer. And investors that expect accountability and robust returns.

And most importantly, we are guided, both personally and professionally, by an understanding that everything is interconnected. Your community is our community, and the authenticity of our relationships is paramount. Our team develops homes that we ourselves would be proud to raise our families in – and we remain actively engaged with local groups that preserve our waterways, protect our wildlife, and provide financial education for our youth.

We are BOLT. Designed with purpose – built on quality.

our process

We believe in the details – not the shortcuts.

Annual Planning

We allocate focused time to evaluate and calibrate our approach to account for ever-shifting market conditions, enabling us to consistently develop high-quality properties and maximize our investors’ IRR. After identifying the intended development sites within our target asset classes, we align project schedules to fully optimize our available resources. Our continuous monitoring management supports the steady refinement of our internal processes to achieve production scalability.

Research & Analysis

Our due diligence phase moves a prospective transaction through a rigorous multi-step analysis. We swiftly gather the data necessary to plan an optimal path forward – determining the existing and as-built conditions of the site, identifying opportunities to modernize square footage, and concurrently developing and testing design concepts. Financial modeling and proforma structures are established to analyze project profitability. And most importantly, we identify risks and assess the potential for successful implementation of mitigating controls.

Acquisition & Investment

Once a potential project has met our strict standards, we acquire the property using an informed combination of our retained earnings and investor contributions. We then lock in our proforma, construction budgets, operating agreements, and concepts.

Design Development & Execution

We draw upon the strength of our partners – architects, engineers, surveyors, legal teams, and local officials – and use this crucial design phase to ensure that all BOLT stakeholders are set up for success. We collectively anticipate potential challenges and extensively mitigate risk. And once all contracts, permits, and plans are in place, our team meticulously remodels or rebuilds a property with an extreme emphasis on detail and quality.

Marketing & Out Sales

BOLT’s in-house disposition team translates their intimate understanding of the property into a relatable connection of value and style. Once sold, we stand by our work – every buyer moves in with a 1 year warranty.

our team

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much

Justin E. Olewack

President, Real Estate Investor Description

Justin E. Olewack is the President and CEO of BOLT. He has overseen $230M+ in real estate investment and construction projects in the Washington metro area over the past 15 years. He has a successful track record as a strong operator that emphasizes meticulous planning and expert execution. He started his first business venture, “Presidential Landscapes”, at the ripe age of 21, and exponentially grew it into a top 10% landscape contractor operating in the US. He has expanded his businesses by constantly implementing meaningful project controls that proceduralized operations for optimal project success. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business where he majored in Entrepreneurship. He participates actively in Junior Achievement in Prince George County, MD and is an active member in the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. He resides in Arlington, VA with his wife, and two daughters.

Jacqueline Olewack

Financial Advisor and Out-sales Team Lead

Lead Jacqueline Olewack the Financial Advisor and Out-Sales Team Lead at BOLT. She attended the University of Maryland where she obtained a B.S. in Accounting from the Robert H. Smith School and she is a Certified Public Accountant in VA. In her role as Financial Management Advisor, she’s been pivotal in the development of BOLT’s financial, accounting, and risk advisory processes and systems. She is a top-producing real estate professional serving the Washington Metro Area, focusing as a listing agent for residential and investment sales. In her Out-Sales Team Lead role, she has lead transactions worth over $10M. She is an active participant in her community, to include volunteer work with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. Ms. Olewack lives in Arlington, VA with her husband, two daughters, and sweet old-dog, Tita.

Justin Sprella

Office Administrator

Justin Sprella is the Office Administrator for BOLT. Justin handles our day-to-day office operations and oversees management of accounting for ongoing projects. His attention to detail helps ensure there are minimal to no inaccuracies in the finances for our projects. He works closely with our production managers and financial advisor to eliminate unnecessary project costs. Justin is also a key player in the budgeting and planning for future projects. In the relatively short amount of time Justin has been with BOLT, we’ve seen tremendous improvement in our job costing, and his efforts have allowed us to be more efficient in our overall operations. He currently lives in northern Virginia. Justin enjoys backpacking, exercising and, wacthing shark tank deals.

Invest in GROWTH

BOLT’s quality-driven outcomes create a uniquely positioned opportunity to invest in high-yield real estate assets located within appreciating and transit-oriented areas of D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.

Our multi-disciplinary team brings the depth of experience necessary to navigate complex transactions and consistently produce a competitive IRR for our investors. All BOLT assets are repositioned by employing rigorous feasibility analyses, strict project controls, and extensive risk mitigation.

Integrity is our foundation – protecting and growing your capital is our priority.

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Exceptional results stem from strong relationships. BOLT collaborates with select architects, engineers, surveyors, and contractors who seek quality at every turn.

Join us.

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It’s more than a job at BOLT. It’s a culture of inclusion, integrity, and connection. We seek talented people with diverse and fresh perspectives who are ready to join a high-growth company.

Work with us.

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BOLT’s quality-driven outcomes create a uniquely positioned opportunity to invest in high-yield real estate assets located within appreciating and transit-oriented areas of D.C., Maryland, and Virginia