New Exterior Marvin Doors

Property Description

BOLT was highly recommended to install this Marvin multifold door. Our intimate relationship with project details aligned us with this client as the perfect fit. We spent more time planning this replacement then actually installing it, but because of its complexity it was necessary. First, we closely examined the homes existing conditions. Then through a series of site visits completed some exploratory demolition. Our structural engineer was calculating the header load requirements since the weight of this type of door hangers for the header – a structural framing member above windows and doors. 

The door itself spans 15 feet wide. That’s a big span and since the weight of the door hangs off of it deflection in the header could not be any greater than 1/8 of an inch. That is a specification from the manufacturer, and they take it very seriously. The outdoor temperature was cold which meant we needed to leave a large opening in the client’s home for a few days. We built a temporary wall and sealed it with insulation and vapor barrier to comfortably protect the homeowner. Next, we got to work on replacing the header. 

We needed to upsize the header to a steel tube to stiffen the header. The door arrived on site knocked down (basically in pieces) and we assembled it on site. We hung the door and then installed a Phantom Screen system. We patched up the drywall, cleaned up the site, and left the homeowner ready to link their outdoor living space to the interior. Truly a unique door and super high-quality product. Check out the video of the install.

Property Details

Beds: 6

Bathrooms: 7

Sq Ft: 8149

Construction Duration: 4 weeks


Fairfax Station